State Of Slim

My journey with State of Slim (Link to book on Amazon – I am NOT an affiliate.) begins on August 17, 2016 with a 16 week class that is being partially paid for by my work and partially by me.  This blog page will serve as my place to reflect on what is and isn’t working for me, my thoughts on the diet and journey, and a place to post pictures!!

August 19, 2016

What is State of Slim?  It’s a weight loss/maintenance program created by two doctors at Anschutz Medical Center here in Colorado.  There is a book – it’s called…guess what??  “State of Slim”.   This class is 16 weeks long and is partially paid for by my work.  I am going to use my blog to follow my journey so that I have a place to look back and reflect on.

My first group class was on Wednesday, August 17th.  I am one of 20 in the class…although that number has dropped after the first day.  People were given 24 hours to drop out of the class if they didn’t think that this was for them.  I am sticking with it.

After reading the book (well, most of it anyway… I didn’t read phase 3 yet because it seemed like that phase was a long ways away…), I knew that phase 1 was going to be hard.  Phase 1 lasts for two weeks, and right smack dab in the middle of those two weeks, well, that’s my birthday!  I will be 46.  OMG, when did I get old????????  So, for my birthday, I’ve asked to do something that doesn’t involve food.

I’m officially two days into week 1 of phase 1 and I’m tired of raw veggies already!  The first two weeks is focused on low carb, low fat, low sugar, high protein.  They give you a list of foods you can choose from and a few recipes to get you started.  There is also a pinterest board with recipes that have comments on how to adapt them to the phase you are in if possible.  I posted the list on the fridge to help give me a visual when I open the fridge.  Luckily, I had quite a bit of the foods in the house already.  I did go grocery shopping this weekend and picked up some protein powder.  I chose Tera Protein powder.  I like the vanilla bourbon flavor.  It is low sugar, organic, non-GMO, and tastes pretty good.

The exercise expectation for the first week is 10 minutes a day, 6 days a week.  I can do that.

Plan for the weekend… MEAL PLAN, PREP, and PLAN some more…