Ready, Set… Go?!

What is State of Slim?  It’s a weight loss/maintenance program created by two doctors at Anschutz Medical Center here in Colorado.  There is a book – it’s called…guess what??  “State of Slim”.   This class is 16 weeks long and is partially paid for by my work.  I am going to use my blog to follow my journey so that I have a place to look back and reflect on.

My first group class was on Wednesday, August 17th.  I am one of 20 in the class…although that number has dropped after the first day.  People were given 24 hours to drop out of the class if they didn’t think that this was for them.  I am sticking with it.

After reading the book (well, most of it anyway… I didn’t read phase 3 yet because it seemed like that phase was a long way away…), I knew that phase 1 was going to be hard.  Phase 1 lasts for two weeks, and right smack dab in the middle of those two weeks, well, that’s my birthday!  I will be 46.  OMG, when did I get old????????  So, for my birthday, I’ve asked to do something that doesn’t involve food.

Phase 1 lasts for two weeks, and right smack dab in the middle of those two weeks, well, that’s my birthday!  I will be 46.  OMG, when did I get old????????  So, for my birthday, I’ve asked to do something that doesn’t involve food.

I’m officially two days into week 1 of phase 1 and I’m tired of raw veggies already!  The first two weeks is focused on low carb, low fat, low sugar, high protein.  They give you a list of foods you can choose from and a few recipes to get you started.  There is also a pinterest board with recipes that have comments on how to adapt them to the phase you are in if possible.  I posted the food list on the fridge to help give me a visual when I open the fridge.  Luckily, I had quite a bit of the

Luckily, I had quite a bit of the foods on the list in the house already.  I did go grocery shopping this weekend and picked up some protein powder.  I chose Tera Protein powder.  I like the vanilla bourbon flavor.  It is low sugar, organic, non-GMO, and tastes pretty good.  I tried the chocolate, and while it’s good, it won’t be my go-to.

The exercise expectation for the first week is 10 minutes a day, 6 days a week.  I can do that.

Plan for the weekend… MEAL PLAN, PREP, and PLAN some more…

Until next time…





The hubs and I had a fun adventure this past weekend!  We went to COMICON!!!  Now, for those of you who know me, this is not something I would normally venture out to do.  I am a pretty stereotypical introvert.  Large crowds make me cringe and want to hide!!  But, for Husband’s Day (aka Father’s Day) this year, I wanted to do something REALLY special for my guy.  He is an AVID superhero “nut”!  Maybe I’ll do a blog about his SuperHero Room next! LOL!  I thought to myself, “Self…what would he like most this year??” and then voila, a facebook ad popped up and said… TAKE HIM TO COMICON!! (Not really, but an ad did come up in my facebook for it!)

So, we went!  He had SUCH a great time!  He got a book signed by a favorite author, met and had some comics signed by a favorite illustrator, saw tons of weird and great costumes, got lost in the crowd, bought comics he couldn’t find in his regular store, and had a FABULOUS time! 🙂

Next year’s father’s day present??  a 3-day pass to comicon!! It was THAT FUN!! 🙂


the hubs and I at the KDVR booth at Comicon 2016 (Denver).

Thoughts for the day…

I have been a Close to My Heart independent consultant for 4+ years now.  There have been a TON of changes that have happened in those years.  I have been contemplating letting go of my consultant status for a few months, and will have to decide soon.  It’s been a part of who I am for so long, it’s a hard decision to make.  However, the thought of not having to meet a quota, but just enjoying what I am doing, and actually getting back to CRAFTING gives me a little thrill each time I think about it.

What will I do? That, I am not sure of.  I will, however, keep posting to this blog, but rather than be a catalyst for selling my wares, I think I’ll make a SCRAP of ME! (Because, after all, I am GRACE!)

Have a fabulous Thursday!



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Let’s do some math…

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  • Cartridges are retail $99 and contain 3 stamp sets, 3 pages of chipboard shapes and the cartridge itself:
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So that’s $99 = $309 kit + $99 Cartridge = $409 for just $99

We can stop there. That’s you, doing nothing but spending $99. No selling, no gatherings, no workshops.

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How much does it cost to sign up?

$99, but it will be free if you make the Straight to the Top Sales Goal!


How much is shipping?

$15.00 for Fed-ex ground.


What comes in the new consultant kit?

See above for a complete list of the consultant kit.  If you have any questions please leave a comment below.


Do I have to sell a ton of stuff?

No, that’s the best part, every three months you need $300 in sales.  Usually that is just 1 gathering, some people however spend that on scrapbooking already every three months! You can join to build a business or just for the discount.


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The discount is anywhere from 22%-35% depending on your monthly sales, and bonus you can earn up to $75 in free product each month!


If I don’t make my sales, do I have to give the kit back?

No way!!! Your first quarter doesn’t even count, we give you a chance to find customers and train a little.


Does the company offer training or show you how to do anything?

YES! You are so lucky to sign up now! CTMH is offering new training and up to date videos to help you get started.


Do hostesses earn free product when they host a party?

Yes, the levels are explained right in our idea book – also a bonus – you can be the hostess too and earn all that free product!


Have questions not listed above? 

Leave me a comment below, or email me at:





Saturday’s Expo in Denver, CO

HELLO!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

Did I meet you at the Expo on Saturday??  If I did, and you came here to visit me, PLEASE let me know, leave a comment or send me an email!!  I would love to make contact with you and chat some more!!  My contact info is at the bottom of this post and should be over on the side in one of the boxes too! :0)

I met so many lovely women on Saturday, but four in particular who left their information with me and it didn’t get back to me after the drawing for the free stamp set.

So, if I met you, and you would like to connect, please let me know!!


On another note, I will be posting another blog post this afternoon with a photo of the FOUR fabulous cards we will be doing at the workshop on April 12th!

Workshop cost is $5.00 unless you order $25 or more, and then the workshop is free!! 🙂


Thanks to everyone who came, and I hope to talk to you SOON!! 🙂



Cell Phone: 720-338-2536 (leave a message and I will call you back, I PROMISE!) 🙂


Ariana Workshop on the Go

The new Idea Book is LIVE and ready for you to check out!!!  


2014 Spring/Summer Idea Book

2014 Spring/Summer Idea Book

You can look online at my website: or click on this link: Idea Book 2014

My first foray into the new papers was with Ariana.  An elegant floral print with Outdoor Denim, Olive, Sorbet, Crystal Blue, and Blush accents.  I purchased the workshop on the go (available here: which includes:

Workshops on the Go™ Ariana Scrapbooking Kit Contents 
Ariana Paper Packet 
My Acrylix™ Ariana Workshop Stamp Set (D-size) 
4 White Daisy Cardstock Sheets 
Ariana Assortment 
Black & Grey Epoxy Bubbles 
Instructional Brochure 

Ariana Workshop On The Go - G 1074 ($29.95)

Ariana Workshop On The Go – G 1074 ($29.95)

I also used the ARTBOOKING cartridge to make the lattice and the vine for the right page.  I used Sorbet, Olive, Crystal Blue and Outdoor denim ink pads. 

Ariana Workshop On The Go - MY VERSION

Ariana Workshop On The Go – MY VERSION


I love this paper pack, it feels elegant and grown up to me!! 🙂

Hope you love it too!  

🙂 Tonia