Once in a while, like today, I hear someone say… “I wish I was a teacher so I could have the summer off.”  Let me tell you, most teachers don’t have the summer off!

My hubs is a teacher, and while he may not be in the classroom with children right now, he IS in the classroom learning!  He will have had a three-day span and a 5-day span this summer where he didn’t have professional development or a school meeting happening.  And, mind you, he doesn’t get paid to do professional development hours, in fact, sometimes he PAYS to do them!

Just a short rant… do NOT think for one moment that all teachers do over the summer is lay by the pool and sip margaritas!  They work  hard, not just during the school year, but over summer “break” as well!

… Rant over… thank you for reading.


Celebrate 30!

To celebrate our Founder & CEO Jeanette Lynton’s 30-year anniversary in the stamping and scrapbooking industry, when you place an qualifying order during the month of June, you can add your choice of one of 6 great gift collections to your order for just $30! Each collection has an original retail value of at least $50 USD—some even as high as $65 USD. Plus, each collection is perfectly tailored to fit a variety of interests and styles. They feature everything from gift bags to ribbons to washi tape to alphabet stickers—and much more! So make sure to take advantage of these savings and snag your own collection for just $30. It may be Jeanette’s anniversary—but you get the gift!

For more info, email me at, leave a comment here, or visit my website at:

Saturday’s Expo in Denver, CO

HELLO!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

Did I meet you at the Expo on Saturday??  If I did, and you came here to visit me, PLEASE let me know, leave a comment or send me an email!!  I would love to make contact with you and chat some more!!  My contact info is at the bottom of this post and should be over on the side in one of the boxes too! :0)

I met so many lovely women on Saturday, but four in particular who left their information with me and it didn’t get back to me after the drawing for the free stamp set.

So, if I met you, and you would like to connect, please let me know!!


On another note, I will be posting another blog post this afternoon with a photo of the FOUR fabulous cards we will be doing at the workshop on April 12th!

Workshop cost is $5.00 unless you order $25 or more, and then the workshop is free!! 🙂


Thanks to everyone who came, and I hope to talk to you SOON!! 🙂



Cell Phone: 720-338-2536 (leave a message and I will call you back, I PROMISE!) 🙂


A Scrap Of Grace…

Huh…a blog… who would have EVER thought that I would start a blog?  I READ blogs… but the idea of creating one was a little bit overwhelming to me.

In an effort to make myself more than I am, and all i ever want to be, I am trying new things, and this blog is one of them! 😉


I’m excited to have an outlet to share my latest creations, my passions, and my fun!! 🙂