Cash & Carry (Or Buy & Ship)

Like most papercrafters, my cup runneth over.  Here, you can purchase stamps, paper, embellishments, tools and whatnot from my overflow. 🙂

Some stamps are brand new, and some have been used.  I will let you know which is which. All paper will be WHOLE sheets, no scraps I promise!

Embellishments  will be whole, unused packs/rolls.  I hate getting half used stuff, so I won’t do that to you either!

Tools are hard to part with, and so will rarely appear here, but they will occasionally appear! 😉

And, “What-Nots” include but are not limited to chipboard “my creations” items, misc albums, and things that don’t fit anywhere else. 🙂

Most products are close to my heart, but I do have a few that not that brand.  I will mention brands in my descriptions so you know!

THANKS!  Happy Shopping!!

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