The hubs and I had a fun adventure this past weekend!  We went to COMICON!!!  Now, for those of you who know me, this is not something I would normally venture out to do.  I am a pretty stereotypical introvert.  Large crowds make me cringe and want to hide!!  But, for Husband’s Day (aka Father’s Day) this year, I wanted to do something REALLY special for my guy.  He is an AVID superhero “nut”!  Maybe I’ll do a blog about his SuperHero Room next! LOL!  I thought to myself, “Self…what would he like most this year??” and then voila, a facebook ad popped up and said… TAKE HIM TO COMICON!! (Not really, but an ad did come up in my facebook for it!)

So, we went!  He had SUCH a great time!  He got a book signed by a favorite author, met and had some comics signed by a favorite illustrator, saw tons of weird and great costumes, got lost in the crowd, bought comics he couldn’t find in his regular store, and had a FABULOUS time! 🙂

Next year’s father’s day present??  a 3-day pass to comicon!! It was THAT FUN!! 🙂


the hubs and I at the KDVR booth at Comicon 2016 (Denver).